Packing for the Trip

Packing for the Trip

In Trinidad “carnival”, roughly  means goodbye to the flesh or meat as it marks the beginning of the Lenten season. With that said, Trinidadians take carnival seriously.  We are a relaxed and carefree nation, but during carnival time, the spirit of the season brings out the wild and wutless behavior in all of us. We here at Dynamic want you to look your best while having the time of your life.

 We know how stressful packing is, especially for women. With so many fetes to attend, you worry about the clothes, the accessories, the shoes and OH GAWD the makeup!!!  Here is a quick guide, from head to toe on what to pack and what to wear to each event.

Let’s start from the top.  The most critical item needed is sunglasses. This can worn as everyday use and also to all of the fetes we have available on our website. Men, you can accessorize your outfit with a fedora hat for that extra look to your outfit if that’s your style.  For J’ouvert parties like Caesar’s Army A.M.bush, where there is a strong chance you would be covered from head to toe with paint, you may want to cover your hair. If so, don’t forget to pack a clear shower cap, bandanna or cap, otherwise leave it out and let go of your inhibitions.  

MAKEUP – When it comes to makeup, simple yet effective is key.  The sun would be beaming down on you, so a light application is recommended. Little tip: put on a light application of milk of magnesia before your makeup so your makeup won’t be more wutless than you.  Your eyes may or may not be covered by the sunglasses, so eye-shadows can be simple. For Carnival Monday and Tuesday the over-the-top, exaggerated makeup is needed. Long and/or colored eyelashes, eyebrows, hair, nail everything and anything that makes your look as amazing as your costume. You can get all this done with our Dynamic make-up artist.

Moving down, to the chest area. Oh lala! Tank tops, tube tops, off-the-shoulder tops, light flowy tops, and strappy bodysuits are all ideal for fetes like Candy Coated Love Fest (cooler fete), Bacchanal Blocko and even for a nice lime at one of the many bars on Ariapita Avenue.  



However, for more expensive all-inclusive fetes, such as Vale Breakfast Party, you may want to up your wardrobe a bit. Include flowing long or short dresses in your suitcase and you’ll have all you need for the perfect outfit. Top it off with your funky sunglasses and bold lip. PERFECT!!! Simple accessories would complement these looks, nothing too cumbersome because even when looking cute, you would be jumping and waving.

For the beach parties like Candy Coated Boat Cruise a bathing suit with a nice cover up, wrap, shorts or just the bathing suit alone are perfect choices. Guys, you simple creatures, light short sleeve cotton/ linen  shirts, easy tank tops accessories by the sunglasses and/or hat and you’re halfway set. Remember you will prob visit Maracas Bay at least once during your trip, so be sure to pack at least three bathing suits and if you are going Tobago for the after carnival cool down and Candy Coated Wine Down, you’ll need at least five in your arsenal.






























Moving lower down to the bottoms. Things are getting hot! Boys and girls, shorts are essential! Jeans, cotton, linen or  silk. As long as it’s short and breathable it’s good. Girls, you can opt for long loose cotton/ sheer pants ( something that would complement the strappy tops, bodysuit, or bathing suit) which would keep you cool but covered.  

We’re cooling down again, talking about footwear. Girls get your toes done, because you will mainly be wearing sandals, flip flops and wedges. You may need sneakers for A.M.Bush and for Carnival Monday and Tuesday but we’ll get the Carnival in another article.  Don’t be that girl that’s trying to jump and wave with 6 inch heels on. Not cute, or comfortable. Guys, comfortable breathable sneakers, loafers and a pair of flip flops are all you’ll need for your trip.

Now for the two days that your outfit matters the most: Carnival Monday and Tuesday. You’ve got your Tuesday costume, but Monday gives you the opportunity to showcase your individual style. Most wear a self-decorated bathing suit or one purchased from the many Monday-wear fashion designers, but you can opt to wear portions of your carnival costume without the headpiece. Comfort is very very important especially since it’s two days on your feet, from dusk till dawn! A pair of sneakers matching your costume is cute and really comfortable. Wearing boots however, is where all the sexy is! From my experience, when getting boots, thigh-high of course, make sure it’s a half size bigger so your foot has room to breathe. A Dr Scholl’s goes a long way and a flesh-tone stocking will give your legs a nice toned look. For the men:  Aside from your costume, shorts, tank tops or shirtless (if that suits your fancy), a camel pack (so you won’t have to be at the bar every minute) and comfortable matching sneakers. Done!





Other items to remember or consider are: a small wallet or other means to securely stash your cards and cash, zip lock bags or waterproof pouches for your phones, a flask or camel-back (avoid waiting at the drinks truck every 15 minutes. Women unfortunately, camel-backs don’t quite go with the costumes, get a cute flask instead 🙂 Oh and don’t forget insect repellent!










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