What to Expect

Looking for something DYNAMIC? T&T Carnival 2020 is on February 24th and 25th. You better get ready! Here is an overview of your Trinidad carnival package/experience (depends on the package purchased or items selected separately)

First, you need to learn the Lingo

DAY ONE (Thurs 23rd) – From yuh touch down:


Yuh reach! Wais d scene? When you arrive, we will be waiting for you at the airport to take you to your accommodation.

Later that day you’ll be taken to one of the top ten tourist sites of Trinidad. The Gasparee Caves. These caves are famous for their natural limestone cave system and features, which have formed after millions of years,  by constant wave action and rainwater erosion.

DAY TWO (Fri 24th) – Enough of the “tourist ting’ , leh we buss D tape:

Stand by, during the day, Dynamic Carnival may throw in a complimentary, never-to-be-forgotten private experience (Dynamic Customers only)

Cooler Fete 6Choose from a selection of day tours, a relaxing day at the hotel pool or opt for one of the day parties available, but at night, get ready for the epic experience that is a Cooler Fete.  Don’t worry about leaving the group or vibe to stand in annoying bar lines or worry about the bartender not mixing your drinks just the way you like it. In a cooler fete, you pack your own cooler. We will pick you up, help you pack a cooler and fete with you throughout the night. Dynamic!

Take it easy though, this is only the beginning.

DAY THREE (Sat 25th) – One pump is never enough (it probably still feels like day two):

Based on your selection of fetes,  you will be taken directly from the Cooler Fete to the highly anticipated Alternative J’ouvert Concept  (a huge street paint party) in a remote location, inclusive of drinks and breakfast, where you will covered in paint while partying alongside 40 ft music trucks and until the sun comes up. I did warn you to take it easy, didn’t I? This party is one of the most epic of all fetes.

If you will not be attending the Alternative J’ouvert party,  at the end of the cooler fete you will be taken back to your hotel / guest house for a quick rest. After you are recharged, we’re back at it and ready for another day party of your choice. If you’re not up for this party, you can use this Exodustime to collect your beautiful costume at the distribution center.

At night, you may opt to relax at the house,  lime on d “Avenue” or listen to the sweet sweet sound of our national instrument, the steel pan, at the legendary competition of Steel bands, Panorama. Why take it easy? Because for the next three days you are going to be constantly fete’n from sunrise to sunset….and maybe even at night…but definitely again at sunrise… 😀

DAY FOUR (Sun 26th) – Good Morning Sunshine- yuh hungry ah wah??

Sunny Side Up Breakfast party

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so it’s only right that we go to a Breakfast Fete. This type of fete starts pretty early (4/5 a.m.). Enjoy an array of delicious Trini-styled breakfast specials such as pholourie, meat pies,  aloo (potato) pies, bake and shark, geera pork and the well renowned delicacy, doubles, while chipping to SOCA music.

Still Day Four – Beach? – Aye we going Maracas, ah driving:

*maracasbaytrinidadN.B. This may be the ONE AND ONLY TIME that you get some rest, use your time wisely*.  After the breakfast party, it’s off to the beach (Yes! You will be able to head back to base and change. Oh gosh, allyuh does worry about everything eh! Relax yuhself!!!). Maracas Beach is the most popular beach in Trinidad. A wide and expansive bay, where the shoreline is bordered by large swaying palm trees, white sand and peaceful teal waters. Most importantly, you’ll have the opportunity to sample the region’s favorite sandwich, Bake and Shark.

DAY FIVE (Mon 27th) – Ok yuh rest enough now, stop yuh laziness!!!

One word – J’ouvert ! Pronounced Jou-Vay, derived from French language to mean “Daybreak”. It is possibly the most highly awaited, dutty, expressive and liberating time of carnival, which marks the start of today’s Carnival Celebration.  It’s definitely Dynamic Carnival’s favorite part of the carnival experience. Are you ready for another 2 a.m. adventure? Wear clothes and shoes that you won’t mind getting stained or even destroyed, as we take to the streets again with music trucks, paint, mud, oil, powder, and even chocolate. Don’t worry, we’ll be in a predominantly paint band, but as the saying goes “yuh cah play mas, if yuh fraid powder”.

Later Day Five – Let the festivities begin- Buh dis is wah yuh come for. Wah yuh mean yuh tired?:

At the end of J’ouvert, you guessed it, there’s a wash off party! Water trucks will shoot water Dirty Dozen J'ouvert 4through the air while you dance to music! If haven’t noticed by now, we Trinis party for everything. You’re probably going to find traces of paint and mud everywhere, but when we get back to the hotel you’ll wash off in the yard, don’t you dare take that mess into the house!

Once you’ve gathered yourself (once yuh catch yuhself), we’re onto the first of the two day celebration. Push your mind, body, soul, liver and waist to their limits. It will make you question what Trinidadians are made of and at the end, yourself as well. Ensure that you stay hydrated. Your all-inclusive mas band will provide lunch and have drinks trucks ready to give you your heart’s desire. Be sure to have your hand bands and cups provided to you with your costume. You are now a masquerader, but don’t wear your full costume, as this is just a teaser of what’s to come for day two of mas. You are however still allowed to fulljoy the experience.  Around 6 p.m. we’ll give in and allow you to rest.

DAY SIX (Tues 28th) – Are you ready for this? Yuh ready for the stage?!?! :


Trinidad CarnivalBright and early we will take the ladies to their makeup appointments while the guys begin putting on their costumes. Ladies walk with your costumes, because as soon as you are finished with your makeup, we will get you a light breakfast and it’s off to hit the road. Grab your cup and hand bands. Carnival Tuesday is an all day event. At some point the band will cross a stage. This is your time! Give it your all – maximum energy is required. It’s ok to let go of your obligations back home, we won’t judge. The mas band will parade around Port-of-Spain and surroundings, then stop for lunch at a designated location. Revel in every moment and enjoy every second with your friends and new friends – “spread yuh hands and lehgo!”

DAY SEVEN (Wed 29th) – Cooldown:

Tobago Buccoo BayAsh Wednesday is the still after the storm. If you opted for it, we will take you to the airport for  quick 15min flight to Tobago for a complete state of relaxation with white sand, clear water, Coral Reefs, Nylon and Crab n’ Dumplin.